How To Successfully Control Other People.  FINALLY!  The Secret Revealed:

One of my faithful readers has asked me to explain how she can control what other people do, so they will do what she wants them to do.  I totally appreciate the suggestion for the topic, so this one is for you, @beckyliftwips:

HAHAHAHA!  But you can control how you react to other people, so work on you and forget everyone else!!

-you’re still probably not crazy!!

Author: healthierversionofchris

Hello! My name is Chris and I am many things. Most of my adult life has been spent as a medical science project, with doctors basically telling me I am crazy. Well, guess what? I'M NOT! and chances are, neither are you! I am sharing my experiences with you, in hopes that someone out there may find some common ground with me. If you are just starting out trying to figure out what the deal is, let me help you figure out where to begin. We're all in this together!!

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