It’s funny, you think that you would assume that if you dive into writing a blog about your life experiences, you would just know what to say.  The words should just fly from my brain!  Alas, this is surprisingly difficult!  So, let’s just address the WHY of it all.  I am a recovering alcoholic, recovering sugar addict, former smoker, who has gone from a very unhealthy lifestyle and an obese (barely functioning) adult, to a healthy, inquisitive person, who enjoys running, hiking, and all around activity, and am always searching to learn from the experience of others.  Look, we are all together on this planet.  We ought to learn from one another and enjoy the shared experience!  So, though my experience is unique, so is yours!  And I am sure that we overlap somewhere.  My hope is to help others who may be struggling with the problems that I did, and learn from my mistakes.