Let’s talk about me for a minute…

Hello, friends!  I know that my posts have not been coming every Monday over the summer as you have grown accustomed to.  For this, I apologize.  It’s been a pretty hectic summer.  Well, that and the theiving house guest.  The good news is, I am writing today to tell you something that I think is pretty exciting!  Let me give you a little back story first…

About 10 years ago, I wrote a novel.  It is certainly not my best work.  I have a special relationship with this novel.  It sits in my nightstand  drawer most of the time. Some times I dust it off, get my red pen, and start editing it.  Truth be told, it’s not bad work, considering I was drinking when I wrote it.  I also wrote it in just a few weeks.  I was working full time while I was writing it and taking care of kids, so I think that’s pretty amazing.  The novel is 400 pages or so.  Something like that.  But the fact is, I hate it.  I hate the story.  I hate the ending.  I hate some of my characters.  No matter how much I edit it, I will always think of the time I asked my older sister to read and edit it,  and later, she accused me of basing one of the more grating characters on her, which is not necessarily true.  Were there parts of her in that character?  Yes!  But there were parts of many people in that character.  There were parts of her in other characters as well, but she only focused on some of the more irritating things of that character and assigned herself to that.  This character also happened to be a major philanthropist, which had nothing to do with my sister, but she still said I hurt her feelings with that.  So, I stopped writing.

I started writing this blog as a cathartic outlet for some of my pent up frustrations, and also as a way to share what I have learned through my crazy existence, in the hopes that it may help someone else to not have to take the paths that I chose, or to help them get off those paths, had they already been chosen.  One of my followers and best friends in the universe called me at work a few weeks back, and she told me that she needed to talk to me.  Straight faced and serious, she told me that I need to write a book.  I told her that I already wrote a book and I didn’t like it.  She told me that I need to forget that book and write another book.  So, I laughed, and I told her that if she could come up with a viable topic that I can write an entire book around, I would write her a book.  

A week later, I was talking to another follower on the phone and mentioned that I had been admonished to write a book.  I received even more encouragement, and was told that I also need to write HER a book.  I came up with my regular excuses…”I am so busy with work!”  “I barely have any time as it is to write my blog, let alone a book!”  “My writing is not good enough to get published.”  The pure truth, once the onion is peeled back a little, is that I am afraid if I write a book, it will suck.  Plus, people who want me to write books ask that I write about self help.  Let me tell you something, I am really the last person qualified to advise anyone on self help.  Which is what has led me to this point.

I was sitting with Wave on the patio this morning, drinking coffee, thinking about my life, and my topic suddenly occurred to me.  Actually two separate topics occurred to me.  WHOA!  It’s been years since I have come up with a viable topic that I can write about at length, and suddenly, here are two!  I have always felt like I wanted to write about my life, but I also detest the thought of a true autobiography.  Being that I am a Virgo, I prefer to blend into the back ground.  I am not a big fan of self adulation, and bravado.  However,  I believe I have found a way to write about what I want to write about, with humor and wit.  Just like all of us, there are some pretty dark spaces in my story.  It’s daunting to consider taking those monsters out of the closet, shaking them out, dusting them off, and sharing them with strangers.  We’ll see if they make it to othe story.

For anyone who has ever written, or attempted to write, you know what I am taking on here.  Not only the trials of the actual writing, the editing, the polishing, the give and take of the cut and paste.  But then the almost impossibility of it ever getting looked at or published.  Mountains of rejections.  I never actually got to the submission stage of my last novel.  As I mentioned, it’s still sitting, lonely in that nightstand drawer, never to see the light of day.  I never thought I would be excited about writing a book again.  Time to face the fear of rejection.  Once it’s complete, I hope I am able to find a platform to be able to share it with you all.  In the meantime, I am sure that I will still be here, at least every other week, sharing my tales of hope with you.  

Are you taking on any big challenges that will change your life?  Tell us about them in the comments section.  Thank you all for your support.  I know you are out there, reading, laughing, and thinking about what I’m saying.  And above all….

You’re probably not crazy!!! 

How To Successfully Control Other People.  FINALLY!  The Secret Revealed:

One of my faithful readers has asked me to explain how she can control what other people do, so they will do what she wants them to do.  I totally appreciate the suggestion for the topic, so this one is for you, @beckyliftwips:

HAHAHAHA!  But you can control how you react to other people, so work on you and forget everyone else!!

-you’re still probably not crazy!!